Saturday, June 3, 2017

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 - Big Gun Modeling and texturing

Here is a short video of the Guardians of the galaxy 2 narrated by director James Gunn on the sequence that we worked on studio.
I was responsible for concepting, modeling and texturing of the big gun that Gamora Picks up to shoot at her sister Nebula. It also shows parts of the space ship that Nebula uses, where I enhanced the textures for close ups and to get a more rough and dirty look to this ship version :

Closeups of the cockpit. Texturing and lookdev.
Dirt, scratches, weathering, oil spils and different extra masks were hand painted and given to the compositor to get a nice bumpy and scratched up surface. The glass got a series of additional masks to help the distortion for the refraction properties of the glass.

Dirty and damaged version of the space ship...although is kinda hard to see the details from this distance...there goes my 3 weeks of texturing lol

The entire gun was a long process of try an error as I was concepting and trowing ideas to improve the shape at the same time as I was modeling in 3D. There are tons of versions and shapes of this gun, it was challenging but fun a the same time. Textures and the look dev also made by me.

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