Daniel Perez Reel 2018 from Daniel Perez on Vimeo.

  1. Gamora Gun (Guardians of Galaxy 2) - Concept, modeling, texturing and look development
  2. Closeup of Rocket (Batman vs. Superman) - Co-Modeled with Kevin Meins creating 2 versions of the props (clean to rocket version and damage version visible on closeup. Based on reference of a Russian Soyuz and concept art.
  3. Boat escaping spaceship  (Independence Day 2) - Lighting all environment including several passes and custom lights for the fluid dynamics.
  4. Spaceship closeup and glass (Guardians of Galaxy 2) - Textured and look dev all cockpit closeup and closeup of the wing at the same time providing masks to compositing team so they could do the respective tweaks for a realistic refraction on top of the character on plate.
  5. Star Destroyer (Solo:Star Wars story) - Texturing of closeup version of the star destroyer for better resolution and interaction with the lightining. 
  6. Scars on Dryden face  (Solo:Star Wars story) - Generated several layers of the scars for the compositing team so they could crated different effects of deformation on top of the plate of the character's face. The plate was shot without any prosthetic of makeup of the scars. All created in post.
  7. Megalodon on the beach (The Meg) - Lighting of the entire environment including several custom lights for the fluid dynamics and shaping lights to make the meg more interesting.
  8. Underwater Ship (Interior) (Tim Burton's "Miss Peregrine")- Textured and Lookdev all the interior of the ship based on concept art and reference pictures. Making accurate underwater weathering and at the same time appealing to the eye to contribute to the story of the movie.
  9. Underwater Ship (Exterior Hull) (Tim Burton's "Miss Peregrine")- Textured and look dev the hull and window to generating more resolution on the closeup of the shot.
  10. Batmobile (Batman vs. Superman)- Modeled the side engine together with the side step and suspension of the car. UV layout of most of the asset to facilitate high resolution texturing of the car for closeups and additional damage.
  11. Damaged trailer where Batmobile lands (Batman vs. Superman)- Modeled based on sets version and FX friendly
  12. Bat Cave (Batman vs. Superman)- Modeled and designed part of the ramp access and compartments for the water to clear up at entrance as well as in the tunnel
  13. Last scene of the Bat cave (Batman vs. Superman) It was a mixture of plate from the portion build on set and I modeled the ramp version and surrounding rocks matching set proportions for extension of the cave.x`
  14. Rescue helicopter scene (Independence Day 2) -Lighting of the whole scene providing render passes of complex debris simulations and large cityengine buildings to complement with matte painting for comp. At the same time matching plate lighting and fire lighting reflections. 
  15. Batman window crash (Batman vs. Superman)- Modeled High Res closeup of the warehose interior window for destruction. All CG
  16. Power Ranger Robot  (Power Rangers Movie 2017) - Textured pectoral portion of the robot
  17. U.S. Capitol (Batman vs. Superman)- Modeled UVed High res based of reference pictures and lidar files. Modeled additional close detail to ornaments all around the capitol that matches accurately the reference for closeup shot.
  18. Underwater Ship (Exterior) (Tim Burton's "Miss Peregrine")- Textured and Lookdev all Props on top of the deck and lifeboats
  19. Hallway filling with water (Tim Burton's "Miss Peregrine")- Texture and look dev of the entire hallway
  20. BG construction buildings in "Heroes park" (Batman vs. Superman) - Modeling building and necesary props to complement on the environment requested by the client on the construction of metropolis
  21. Peter Pan Pirate Ships  Props (PAN) - Modeled and UVed props on top of the ship. Also the main cannons and flamethrowers.
  22. Bat wing flying under bridge scene (Batman vs. Superman) - Texturing and look dev of the bridge
  23. Damaged shed where Batmobil pulls car (Batman vs. Superman)- Modeled shed and added props to add on the destruction and debris generation for FX
  24. Star wars scene (Personal Project) - All aspects - Modeling, texturing and animation of all BG and character(zbrush, 3dsmax and Vray). I also did the color correction and composition in Nuke and AE.
  25. My personal logo 3DP - All aspects - Designed, modeled, textured and animated.

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